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: East timor may name new pm in days before due date to end of April

Sukakibangan Timorese President Datuk Seri Dr Hamad bin Zayed Al Nahyan said there was no issue in the declaration but it was not an official declaration.

Dr Hamad also said that some of the people who declared themselves to be leaders did not declare themselves until the day before to allow for easier registration and also to facilitate easy access to elections.

"The matter is to be discussed in Cabinet and the next PM should have to approve this action," Dr Hamad said.

At least seven of the seven people named as leaders by the members of the executive of the Council have also issued declaration of support, and more than a dozen others signed a document confirming the same.

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10 year old boy missing from home, has been found.

The boy was found with gunshot wounds on a farm and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to local news reports, investigators believe the missing youngster came home and he may have left for the night after.

Investigators said it appeared the boy may have been killed by another person or animal.

Neighbors told KGTV that they often see the teen wandering the neighborhood but never see him come back.

Authorities said the suspect was the last known occupant at the house.

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