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Insulin is an anabolic hormone, that is, one that encourages storage of fat and protein.

The tapering strategy will also enable the physician and the patient to assess the degree of success of the treatment by watching for recurrence of any symptom (in which case, the tapering might be interrupted with a greater dosage).


If you're intrigued but still not keen on applying yeast infection cream on your scalp, you may be happy to know that some hair loss sufferers are using dandruff shampoos with similar results.


Leonardi A, Zafirakis P. Efficacy and comfort of olopatadine versus ketotifen ophthalmic solutions: a double-masked, environmental study of patient preference.Curr Med Res Opin.

Is NiCl2 an ionic or even molecular compound?


When it comes to Denmark, specifically, Weiner thinks culture holds the biggest sway over the state of citizens' spirits.


Drinking four cups of it daily will work out just fine to combat hair loss.
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